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New Hampshire Camping and Hiking

New Hampshire trip

Join us for 7 days of fun and adventure exploring the White Mountains of New Hampshire. With over 30 years of experience exploring the creeks, streams, and trails we can offer an experience that will be cherished for a lifetime. We will set up "base camp", and go on daily treks through some of the most rugged and pristine country the North East has to offer. Breakfast and dinner are provided along with daily itineraries fitted to your group's desire and fitness levels. This adventure is ideal for those in good physical condition, with steep climbs combined with challenging geography. Overnight hikes are also possible utilizing the "Hut System", where a bunk and a roof over your head are priceless.

Limiting our group size (4-8 persons ideally) allows us to savor the natural beauty that surrounds us. We would start out with a "warm up" hike to shake the group down and see what our capabilities are. Count on at least 3 days of challenging hiking (if you are up to it) with "rest and relaxation days" in between. Daily rock walking or running helps strengthen our coordination for the days when laden with packs, every step is crucial. The White Mountains are home of the "World's Worst Weather", so safety is paramount! Our mission is to provide safe, heart pounding experiences with spectacular scenery as our reward. We will provide guidance, tent, and a "must have" list to ensure that you are prepared for an awesome adventure. This is our chance to go back to the fountain of our youth. If mountain streams, woods, trails, and rocks are what move you, then this should be your next "Quest"!

Trips start out @ $3000/4 persons/ 7 days

Please email or call for further details.

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